If you’re someone who is used to having everything just the way you like it, then we have good news for you. Did you know that you can now customise your hearing – or, to be more precise, the hearing experience you get from your hearing devices? 

Your hearing is as unique as your fingerprint – individualised and what sets you apart from everyone else. At Hearing Works, we’ve fully embraced this customisation trend, and we are now able to offer you a full customisation solution on most new hearing devices.

These are hearing devices that have been selected and programmed to match your precise requirements: design, colour, fit and the way they make your world sound. 

How your hearing devices fit is an obvious place to start: you need them to be both comfortable and secure. Many people understandably want their hearing devices to be discreet, too – and that can be achieved in part through colours that match your skin tone or hair colour. 

If your hearing devices are comfortable, you’ll want to wear them in more situations, and this can add to your enjoyment of life. Naturally this includes being able to easily insert and remove them. They’re also so light, you’ll forget they’re even there.

As well as how they feel, the other most important criteria for customised hearing devices is how they sound, and this is another area where customisation can really make a difference. 

With modern, digital hearing devices, we can carefully program them to create your own personal soundscape that takes into account the environments you spend time in, the sounds you like, and the noises you find irritating or disturbing.

Typically, this programming consists of asking you a series of questions about your hearing requirements and preferences. This can begin with general questions, such as establishing whether you prefer to hear all sounds around you, even if they may be annoying. 

You can also choose whether you prefer the sounds you hear to be sharp and distinct, or softer and gentler – this option could however mean that you miss out on some sound details. Even the language you speak can make a difference, so this is also taken into account when customising your hearing devices. 

In other words, it’s your personal listening preferences that will determine the way we program your hearing devices. For example, you may have a job where, for safety reasons, you need to hear every sound – even if some of them can be jarring. 

On the other hand, you may spend most of your time in very similar environments, where noise levels don’t vary very often. This will also be an important factor that our hearing professional will consider.

Given that almost every aspect of our lives can be customised, it’s no surprise that this now extends to our hearing – or rather, our hearing devices.

Hearing Works is committed to helping you #LOVEYOURHEARING and so we’re delighted to be able to offer hearing customisation solutions to our customers. To learn more, please contact your nearest Hearing Works store