Hearing device technology is advancing all the time. The latest hearing devices are the perfect match for your connected lifestyle – they’re compact, discreet and intuitive to use. If you’re about to purchase your first-ever hearing devices, or you feel it’s time for an upgrade, then check out our guide to the latest device tech.


Your journey to new hearing devices – and improved sound quality in every area of your life – starts at your nearest Hearing Works Branch. Book an appointment for a comprehensive hearing test. Our hearing care professionals can then recommend devices based on your hearing profile, budget and lifestyle.



Modern hearing devices can detect and assess the soundscape around you and make automatic adjustments for the space you’re in. They focus on the sounds you want to hear, and give you a more natural sound experience.

Now you can hear conversations normally, even in noisy environments like malls or at parties. There’s no need to dread social occasions with environmental detection – now you can be the life and soul of the party – and hear every word.


We live in a connected world – and modern hearing devices are no different. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can now stream from other bluetooth-enabled devices, including smartphones, TVs or laptops, directly to your hearing devices.

Hear every moment whether you’re catching up on a favourite show, chatting to a friend, on YouTube, or joining a video call with your team. Bluetooth provides seamless connectivity with no time lapses, and you can also move away from your connected device and still pick up every sound and syllable. All your other devices are connected – from your watch to your speakers – so why not your hearing devices too.


If you’re experiencing hearing loss, you may have different levels of hearing in each ear. In fact, it’s entirely possible to only experience a diminution in your hearing in one hear. Does that sound like you?

Wearing two hearing devices – even if you don’t technically ‘need’ one for each ear – makes a lot of sense. It will give you better sense of surround sound and a more balanced audio experience. Sound quality will be improved and your experience of the world around you will be more natural.

If you’re a Discovery Health member, you can split the cost of your hearing devices by buying one in December 2020 and one in January 2021 with our special offer (depending on your specific Discovery Health plan).


These days, there’s an app for everything, from ordering a pizza to meeting the love of your life. That includes the latest hearing devices, which come with smartphone apps that let you change important settings remotely – and without taking them off.

At a glance, you can check the battery status of your hearing devices, while a simple tap of the finger is all you need to adjust the volume or change listening mode. It’s a more discreet way of adjusting how you hear the world around you, and lets you instantly adapt to new circumstances, such as moving from a quiet place to a louder one.


If you’d like to learn more about the latest hearing devices and the tech you need in your life, visit your nearest Hearing Works store and speak to one of our hearing care professionals.