At Hearing Works, we’re excited to mark the occasion of World Hearing Day on March 3rd. It’s a day dedicated to ‘hearing care for all’. That’s a principle that’s very close to our hearts at Hearing Works – we’re on a mission to help you #LOVEYOURHEARING.

Many hearing issues can be identified and resolved relatively easily, meaning a better quality of life if you’ve been struggling in work and social situations. Not being able to hear properly can make life more difficult and more dangerous, as well as robbing you of many everyday pleasures. The theme of this year’s World Hearing Day is ‘Screen, Rehabilitate, Communicate’ – three words that perfectly sum up our approach to hearing care.


At Hearing Works, we offer a free high-level hearing screening that can identify possible causes for concern. That means that anyone can benefit from understanding why they may have been struggling with their hearing.
Our more in-depth, but accessible, comprehensive hearing test is exceptional value at just R90.00 – this gives our hearing care professionals a more detailed insight into the state of your hearing, and any corrective measures that may be needed. If caught early, many hearing problems can be remedied. Leaving them untreated, on the other hand, can result in progressive hearing loss.


We can offer advice on protecting your hearing and daily ear care, and recommend devices to augment your hearing and improve your quality of life. Hearing device technology has advanced significantly in recent years – modern devices are much smaller and more discreet, and offer exceptional sound quality and convenience. In everything we do, we put you first – your hearing is our primary concern which is why we work with you to find solutions that you are overjoyed with.


World Hearing Day is a great opportunity to make some noise about hearing care – how to look after your hearing, signs that you may have an issue, and what you can do to resolve it before it seriously impacts on your life. Through our regular newsletters, social media posts, and on our website, we share a great deal of information about hearing care – including highlighting the fact that we offer free hearing screenings at all Hearing Works stores and select Dis-Chem Wellness Clinics, plus our famous R90 hearing test.


Hearing is a vital part of communication, which is why we’ll never stop talking about the importance of hearing care. This World Hearing Day – and every day – we’re here to help you #LOVEYOURHEARING and love your life.